Why Host PLAY and HEAL?

leapwithjoyIncrease your Health, Circulation and Profit from hosting a PLAY and Heal event in your Living Space!      poundcoins moneyinpocket

Profitable Benefits include:

  • Receive $100 for each completed P&H referred by you
  • Receive a complimentary session with Ombassa ($350)
  • Your health and well-being increases from a life-changing event
  • You ALWAYS benefit when you enhance the well-being of others

Can you think of at least 10 friends, family or co-workers who feel the need for growth, healing and renewal in their life circumstances? Who long for enrichment, fun, rejuvenation and rekindling of the freedom that comes through JOY?

PLAY and HEAL Host Benefits:
  • 4-5 hours of pure relaxation and release in a sacred space created by YOU!
  • Private Session for Host with Ombassa ($350 value)
  • The advantage of hosting your own life changing event to satisfy the well-being needs of yourself and your special guests
  • Receive valuable health information, tools for stress release and energy work

The mere experience of this event will stamp a smile in your heart that will be long remembered…

Other PLAY AND HEAL perks:

*You relax the comfort of your own living room to experience the joy of play and heal
*Offers a balance of education and entertainment
*Simple as picking up the phone, sending email or text
*No need to send out directions because they already know where you live!

 Are you ready to book today?  CONTACT: booking@playandheal.org

After booking you will receive an event package with details on how to host a successful event.

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