Design Your Unique Event

Make It Your Own…

Booking your PLAY and Heal event is easy ! CLICK HERE for details. Upon booking you will receive your event package that includes step-by-step details  to get you started with ideas for your signature event design. elrsheryl

In the meantime, here are a few ideas for photo (23)your special event…. elrmakeovers1

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Games and Activities

 boardgames1 Raise those endorphins with laughter, games, comedy, and other fun activities that you haven’t done in years for total rejuvenation and renewal!

Quiet, Relaxing Setting

candle1 The option is available to simply package a relaxing event with calming, meditative type of activities to release pressures and stress of the day.

Lively Interaction

singing1 You can invite your guest to participate in lively performances of karaoke, dance, drama and song included in your soiree package.

“Be the first in your group of family and friends to host, create and inspire through PLAY and HEAL!”

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