About the Event

INTRODUCING… P.L.A.Y. AND HEAL     (Download Poster HERE)

PLAY and HEAL is a unique opportunity for you to host a life-changing event in your very own living room!living2

Invite your favorite people to your unique experience… sprinkled with a lots of fun, release and laughter!

The mere experience of this event will stamp a smile in your heart that will be long remembered….

With over 25 years of producing and facilitating countless health events, Ombassa will change the way you look at your own God-given power to heal your own life!

P.L.A.Y. (Passionately Love Appreciate YOU!) events offer the opportunity to watch yours and the lives of those you care about, transform right before your eyes—-just because of the space you extend for their ultimate health and well-being.

“Be the first in your group of family and friends to host, create and inspire through through the POWER of PLAY!”


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