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“You have the God-given ability to heal ANYTHING in your life”

P.L.A.Y. (Passionately Love Appreciating YOU!) is a leading-edge health and wellness offering in the comfort of your own home, that is very effectively infused with fun and exciting elements, designed to eliminate stress, which has been found to be at the seat of most illnesses and relationship breakdowns.


What PLAYers are saying:

Unforgettable, Life-Changing Experience!

“The joy and freedom experienced when we played – that childlike feeling of free expression, is rekindled in the midst of playing, fun and laughter. ” Debra C,  Atlanta, GA

“Ombassa, I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience I had in your workshop. You are truly blessed with such wisdom , patience and kindness. I can honestly say you touched my soul and stirred up something special inside! I look forward to the next time you visit OZ and will definitely be front row centre!!! Lol !!! Blessings to you and take care xo”

​”It was certainly unforgettable !!! Ombassa certainly took us on an inner self journey , so inspiring, humbling… We cried we laughed but best if all we got to witness each other’s passions that we wouldn’t freely share on a day to day basis!!! So thank you sooooo much Debbie for arranging this gathering. Get ready we r going to CALIFORNIA for the upcoming retreat!”

“I’m so grateful for the experience! It was life changing…”

“Deby well said, the day left me on such a high and I feel so blessed for the friendships we made and strengthened but most of all to passionately love and appreciate myself, Wow,Wow!! It could have gone on forever. Ombassa and Ethel what beautiful and inspirational women you are to have met and Sister Angeline I love her, all three ladies are so awesome, God bless them abundantly. Thanks to you Deby, for organising this awesome afternoon, and to the ladies who attended, I had a great time with you. You are my surrogate daughters.”

“Thank you for having me yesterday! I had a beautiful afternoon meeting so many wonderful new women, who all had such amazing stories to tell.”

“It was a beautiful experience and I was glad that I was able to share it with such amazing people.”

“What an uplifting day ,amazing thank you Ombassa, and Ethel,  god bless you guys!”

“A great afternoon shared with passionate women.”
​”Ombassa Sophera proved to be an outstanding Counselor and Coach in my personal life, and the lives of my family. Recently, when she was visiting Australia, my family and I had an opportunity for family counselling, and parent coaching.

Ombassa explored the areas we sometimes take for granted to have a healthy relationship in the family, e.g. communication, love, showing gratitude to one another, being non-judgmental and acceptance and appreciating one another as individuals.

What impressed me most is her listening skills and her understanding of the family unit and her approach to the dynamics. She went above and beyond by giving each one of us some exercises, on the importance of taking responsibility on how we live our daily lives and the way we share that beautiful life with the family. Each individual felt that he/she was heard and understood, and since then, there has been a lot of happiness in the family, because of our new way of approach to life as a whole.
We were all impressed by Ombassa’s time management and punctuality, and the beautiful way of following up, our progress.

Ombassa Sophera’s work is extraordinary, and we as a family and individuals are living that experience with love, joy, peace and laughter. We can’t ask for anything better. We feel blessed to have known her.” Ethel P.

“Laughter and play releases endorphins inducing a natural high. POWER P.L.A.Y. always incites the ability to rebirth your passion and zest for life, renew your spirit, reawaken and enliven the mind (all parts of brain) thereby revitalizing and regenerating your body.” Winona J.  Durham, NC

“My experience with Ombassa Sophera at the Power Play events, has always been an life-changing, uplifting one!! Whether it was one on one, during the counseling sessions, her work helped me take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, by partaking in the herbal recipes, remedies or workouts. In the group sessions, we all come together and have fun while healing and enjoying these interactive sessions. I’ve found myself with tools I can use at home to release my stress like laughter, which is like a medicine, and in itself is so beneficial for me to take my mind off all the problems that may be taking in place in my everyday life. I now remember how to just “TAKE TIME FOR ME!” It is always a fantastic experience in her sessions for my spirit, soul and body. Fun, challenging and life-changing events!! Thank you so much Ombassa for the experience, keep going forward, helping your brothers and sisters to come into beautiful and unique experience! God Bless!” Galva B.

“And inspire she does. She is a connoisseur of people. Ombassa is a natural at motivating others to love and appreciate themselves. People learn to accept their value just by being in her presence. Participate in a Power Play event and you will experience an event that will leave a mark on you—one you will never forget!” D’Arcy B.





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